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  • The aim of the 'ME APUNTO' level platform is to connect members of the same level to make it easier for matches to be organized. The purpose is purely social and will allow you to meet new members, have more variety of people to play different games and organize them easily.

  • In addition, the club reception will organize matches in certain time slots and only in this case will reserve the track to play the match. When the matches are organized by the members, they will also have to book the track.

  • The criteria for being in one group or another is exclusively technical and will be decided by the Paddle Staff.

  • If you think you may be in a higher level group, the possibility of challenging a couple immediately above your level is open (you can play with a partner in that category or your current one). If you won 3 games you would change level (in this you must inform La Ornella)

  • You can write any questions or incidents to the email mentioned above.





Download the groups in PDF: