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The section does not stop training, join the group

We meet at the door of the club with trail running shoes and eager to enjoy nature. The section is running again.

With the organization of an own ULTRA TRAIL. Co-organized between the entity and Outdoor Race World Tour.

+info at [email protected]

Our section has many active runners. Check the schedule of activities in the gym area.

We organize training according to levels:

Multilevel-> Outings suitable for everyone, we organize the groups according to the level of the people we have that day.

High-> People used to running at least 3 days per week, at fast paces and uneven terrain. Tuesdays at 1:45pm on CTT with Sebas Veciana.

+ info about the activity to [email protected]

We can also add you to the section's Whatsapp group.

Remember, when registering for a race, in the club section add... Club Tennis Tarragona