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The section for mountain bike lovers

The MTB section at Club Tennis Tarragona was born from the desire to group together members who want to enjoy nature, sport, outdoor activities and a good atmosphere.

The club organizes outings of different levels in charge of Jordi Alventosa. Consult the schedule of activities aimed at the gym area.

We take this opportunity to invite all members over 14 years of age to try out the different mountain bike tours.

MTB general regulations: (For everyone's safety, it is mandatory to bring to the exits)

  • Bottle of water / isotonic drink of 1L minimum
  • provisioning
  • A spare camera and helmet
  • General inspection of the bicycle (wheel pressure, condition of tires, operation of brakes and gear)

We look forward to seeing you at the next club outing. You can also ask for more information at [email protected]

We can also add you to the section's Whatsapp group.

Remember, when registering for a race, in the club section add... Club Tennis Tarragona