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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

The directed activities of the gym continue in virtual format with the instructors of the club


The directed activities of the club do not stop. All members of the organization have the option of continuing to perform physical activity from home with the club's monitors. The section manager Carmel Plaza has planned a provisional schedule during the closing days with different activities in order to reach all styles.

Activities can be performed mostly through the ZOOM app. In an exclusive room for club members, where they have the option of interacting with the monitor during the activity and following all the instructions almost in a personalized way.

Pilates, zumba, toning and yoga among others are some of the proposals offered in these closing days. Some of the activities can also be followed openly by instagram. In case of not being able to carry out the live activities with the named applications, the communication section of the club will be uploading some of the sessions randomly on the Youtube channel. Remember to subscribe to the @clubtennistarragona channel.