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Pottery by Anna Ortiz Gascó in the State of Children of Paddle

The player from Club Tennis Tarragona Mar Figuerola ended as a consolation champion


Several Alicante clubs have been the venue for the 2018 paddle tennis championship in Spain in minor categories. The Tarragona Tennis Club brought a total of 9 players from their school to the championship.

The most outstanding result has been that of Ortiz who made a break in his tennis season to participate as a partner with the player of Hostalric Alexandra Torralba. Also worthy of note are Carlota and Ainara who fell to eighth of the final and Ton Boquet who passed a final game. On the side of the consolation, the player Mar Figuerola ended as champion of the box. It should also be noted in Bozalongo, Arbucias, Garcia and Pasamontes that they could not pass the previous one despite showing a good level of play.

Ortiz and Torralba made their debut in the final round of 16 against the players of Navarra, Leire Insausti and Marta Goñi , reaching the win by 6-1 and 6-0. The round of eighth coincided with the Madrid highlights with Lorena Cossio and Claudia Jensen , heads of series n2 of the tournament. However, the Catalans showed a great level to win 6-3 and 6-2. In the quarterfinals, rivals were the 6th seed, Cantabrian Marta Rivero and Izara Hazas . Another complete match between Ortiz and Torralba to win 6-2 and 6-0. The semi final was a match full of alternatives: 6-3 favorable to 1er set, 0-6 in the second and 7-6 in the tie break of the 3rd , favorable to the Catalans Noa Canovas and Laia Rodriguez , after 3 hours of ' spectacular match

Even so, Ortiz and Torralba played a final game that decided the 3rd and 4th places of the championship. The rivals were the player Leyre Garner de Castellón and Maria Trenado , from Caceres. The result, 6-0 and 6-3, thus closed a great performance to climb the championship podium.

The club shows its joy for this individual result and for the good behavior of the whole group of our school throughout the championship.