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More than 250 participants and a good level at the Summer Tennis Circuit of the Tarragona Tennis Club

This year was the 34th edition of the CTT test


250 players and players gathered at the Summer Youth Circuit held at the Club Tennis Tarragona facilities in the Benjamín, Aleví, Infantil, Cadet and Junior categories, where they could see a very good level of play.

The event featured a host of players from the host club, which had the most outstanding results, Adrià Serra's victory in game play, Hugo Barrios (benjamin consolation 1) and Pablo Lorenzo (Benjamin 2 consolation); and the soccer champions of Bárbara Vélez (benjamin consolation); Marina Sáez and Íñigo Villacampa in children; Oriol Bergadà in cadets; and Pol del Castillo in juniors.

The winners and finalists of each category were the following:

In Benjamins, Víctor Palomar and David Galvez (5/3 and 4/0); and Marta Domènech and Aina Porta (4/2 and 4/2); Benjamins 2, Enzo Ramonet and Sammy Badr (4/2, 2/4, 10/7); and to the consolations, Irache Alfaro and Barbara Vélez (4/1 and 4/0); Hugo Barrios and Jordan Soriano (4/1 and 4/0), at 1; and Pablo Lorenzo and Alvaro Balaguer (5/4, 3/5 and 10/3), at 2.

In juveniles, Adrian Guerrero and Pablo Bernabéu (7/5 and 6/2), and Lídia Salvador and Julià Martí (6/1 and 6/3); in juveniles play, Adrià Serra and Jordi González 4/6, 6/4 and 10/6); and Maria Antonio and Jordina Toral (6/3 and 6/3).

In children, Josep Freixas and Iñigo Villacampa (2/6, 6/3 and 10/4); and Berta Miret and Marina Saez (6/2, 3/6 and 10/7); and in play children, Roger Pàmies and Pol Rodrigo (6/4 and 7/5); and Irene López and Sasha Anaskin.

In Cadets Alvaro Fuster and Arnau Miralles (6/3, 3/6 and 10/8); and Ángela Perez i Mar Vidal (3/6, 6/0 and 10/0); and in Cadets play, Joaquim Soriano and Oriol Bergadà (3/6, 7/6 and 10/8).

And in juniors, Arnau Miralles and Pol del Castillo (6/2, 4/6 and 10/3) and Joana Miralles and Bruna Casasampere (6/3 and 6/0).