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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona



This year, as it could not be otherwise, a good handful of members of the Club, as well as members of the staff, have once again participated in the Tarragona Half.

This year the Mitja de Tarragona wanted to be more representative of the city and avoided polygons and places where the lack of public made it less attractive. The modification of the route, with more ups and downs, has been detrimental to the marks and our best runner, Sebas Veciana, despite running a magnificent race, has not been able to improve his personal mark. On the other hand, our runners, of whom you can see a rich representation in the graphic report, enjoyed a varied race with the best images of the city and a spectacular day to enjoy running. Within the participation of partners, Tennis Tarragona, represented by Fernando Huidobro, vice-president of the club, accompanied by Paquita Giménez, has returned for the ninth consecutive year the two-hour flag to accompany the runners who want to do the race in this time

In the next edition, we hope that with the club having already recovered from the scare of the floods and returning to normality, there will be many more of us again!