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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

Club Tennis Tarragona partners agree on a historic purchase agreement for the Tennis Park

The vote was decided with more than 80% of the partners present in favor of the agreement


The board of the Club Tennis Tarragona with its president Pere LL. Bergada at the head presented an extraordinary general agreement to purchase the facilities of the ParK Tennis and have received broad support from more than 80% of the members present.

Previously an informative meeting was held explaining the first details of the operation to solve doubts of the partners of the CTT, who finally voted in an extraordinary general assembly on Saturday, June 16. Almost 300 members have been present at the company's social center, including the legendary and number 1 Leandro Campabadal.

With this action the Club Tennis Tarragona seeks to expand its sports offer and facilities in the immediate future.

With the approval of the members there will be a total of 15 tennis courts and 14 paddles, which will soon be around 23,000m2 in the urbanization of Cala Romana. In this way, the CTT will continue to be the tennis and padel referent club in the city of Tarragona and the province, with much larger and more extensive facilities.

You can also expand your variety of services and open up new opportunities for the organization of championships. Consolidating its sport potential in the area of ​​Cala Romana and Levante and will become the entity of the city with more meters dedicated to different sports sectors, apart from having the appeal of its privileged location on the same side of the long beach